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Image Gallery Updates

Dear Orthoteer,
With the ongoing development of the Orthoteers website, we are planning to significantly expand the Image Gallery.
The benefit to members will be an almost unlimited supply of clinical and radiological images available for your use; both for your own education and also for your inclusion in presentations and other teaching modalities.
To assist us with this expansion, we are inviting all members to contribute images to the website.
Once logged onto the site, "click" on the "Image Gallery" icon or text,
Here is a short cut...
1) Select an appropriate folder on the left-hand-side of the screen....
2) Once this folder is open, "click" on the button "upload image" in the centre of the screen 
3) Browse your own computer for your image.
4) Please describe the image as fully as you can in the Caption box. All the text in the caption box can be used by the website's search engine to identify the image, which will allow for faster retrieval by other members looking for images.
5) You must tick the Consent box, or your image will not be included; and make sure you have read the patient consent statement
Members will be credited for the images they have donated.
All images will be automatically converted by the website, to a standard 640 x 480 format; lower resolution images are therefore preferable to larger files.
Many thanks
Dushan Atkinson, Gallery Editor

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