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Glossary section 1

Mary M. Rodgers and Peter R. Cavanagh

SECTION 1 KINEMATICS -The Description of Motion

1.1 Mass
1.2 Rigid Body
1.3 Center of Mass
1.4 Center of Gravity
1.5 Moment of Inertia
1.6 Radius of Gyration
1.7 Linear Motion
1.8 Angular Motion
1.9 Scalar
1.10 Vector
1.11 Displacement
1.12 Velocity
1.13 Angular Velocity
1.14 Acceleration
1.15 Angular Acceleration

SECTION 1 KINEMATICS-The Description of Motion

1.1 Mass

The quantity of matter in an object. Mass can be thought of conceptually as the number of atoms in the object that would, of course, remain constant regardless of location or gravitational conditions (e.g., earth or moon gravity). Weight, however, would vary under these two conditions. The importance of mass in mechanics is that it represents, in linear terms, the resistance to a change of state (a speeding up or slowing down).

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