Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Wessex OWLS 2/2/2004


Scholten          Cochrane review                       2003


Surgical treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome


Scholten RJPM, Gerritsen AAM, Uitdehaag BMJ, van Geldere D, de Vet HCW, Bouter LM.


            The Cochrane Library, Issue 4, 2003


9 ECTR (single- or double-portal) vs OCTR: equally effective, ECTR return to work/ADL approx 15d sooner, ECTR more transient nerve problems, OCTR more wound problems.

3 limited OCTR vs standard OCTR: equally effective, 2 showed sl incr scar tenderness

4 OCTR vs additional neurolysis/epineurotomy: no difference


            Pooling impeded by the vast variety of outcome measures and insufficient data. Essentially qualitative review.

Take home message

No strong evidence that alternative surgical procedures (ECTR, neurolysis or limited OCTR) are superior to standard OCTR.



Kitsis                 Acta Orthop Belg                      2002


            Carpal tunnel syndrome despite negative neurophysiological studies.


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