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Clinical Signs & Tests

Clinical Signs & Tests

Region: Test / Sign: Description

commemorative sign: any sign of a previous disease.

antecedent sign: any precursory indication of a malady.

cogwheel phenomenon: jerky motions produced on testing a muscle's strength; the jerks are neither rhythmic nor equal and represent malingering or protection from pain; cogwheel s.

somatic sign: any sign presented by trunk or limbs rather than sensory apparatus.

Dupuytren sign: for determining sarcomatous bone; a crackling sensation on compression of that area is noted.

Gower sign: for progressive muscular dystrophy and tabes dorsalis; abrupt intermittent oscillation of iris under light is the indication of ongoing process.

Hueter sign: for indication of fracture; absence of the transmission of osseous vibration in fractures as heard by a stethoscope, where the fibrous material is interposed between the fragments.

Langer line: the normal tension lines of skin commonly used to define direction of scar, as to how the scar runs with or across those lines.

objective sign: one that can be seen, heard, measured, or felt by the diagnostician to confirm or deny an ongoing symptom; physical s.

quadriceps test: for hyperthyroidism or debilitating condition; while standing, the patient is asked to hold leg up and straight out; a disease is present if patient cannot maintain this position for 1 minute.

Raynaud phenomenon: pallor or blueness of fingers, toes, or nose brought about by exposure to cold and less commonly by other stresses.

cafe-an-lait spots: for neurofibromatosis; hyperpigmented areas of skin indicate this ongoing problem; von Recklinghausen disease.

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