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Authority: Information provided in this website is almost exclusively from the bibliography listed. Recent bio-medical journals have also been used. Course modules of MSc in Orthopaedic Engineering in Cardiff University have helped to form the basis of the web site. None of the course materials has however been directly copied. I would like to gratefully acknowledge the role played by the teaching staff in Cardiff in developing my interest in biomechanics.

Sponsorship: This website is maintained at personal expense and does not have any external funding, nor a free web host. It should not be accompanied by any pop-up logo or advertising. If there is any, then you should check your computer for spyware. It does not allow or endorse any form of advertising. Links provided to sites on the links page are not advertisements except for Some form of benefit (possibly in the form of reduced charge) may be gained from Lycos.UK (the paid web host) if one registers for the service through this site. This site may or may not, in future, endorse advertising. This would be clearly mentioned when done.

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