Gait is a complex cyclical activity.  we can see that at one point of time one limb is swinging , while the other one is in contact with the ground. This is the starting point for the understanding of Gait cycle:  stance phase and swing phase. 

A full gait cycle is described as the undertaking of both stance and swing phases by one limb. The aim of gait is to accomplish three key functions: weight acceptance, single limb support, limb advancement. The stance phase occupies 60% of the gait cycle. The phases are divided into different events, Perry's description is helpful to study pathological events of gait. Perry describes five events in the stance phase: initial contact, loading response, mid stance, terminal stance, pre-swing. The events in swing phase are: initial swing, mid-swing, terminal swing. The propulsive force in walking is the ground reaction force. 

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